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Today is: 07.05.2021



Dear friends ,

Trnava Self – Governing Region has been engaged in a number of cross-border projects for years. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to be a partner in the Family net project which we consider to be meaningful, with concrete results.

Our motivation to promote the project is not only to strengthen the social policy but also to support and promote business in the region. Our Austrian partner has a particularly long and positive experience with projects of family passports and we believe that we can use this experience to help us to implement the Family net project to our terms and conditions.

I believe that as in Austria also in Slovakia the introduction of family passports will help families spend more time together. Thanks to the project the relationships not only within the family but also between the families will be strenghtened. The project will encourage the entrepreneurs but also the tourism in general. The families should get to know not only the shopping centers but also nature, historical monuments and cities ...

A qualitatively higher standard of living for families should be sustained, the cost of living for families should be cut and also the interest in leisure activities should be awaken by the project. We also expect that the Family net project in cooperation with partner regions will create a network of businesses providing discounts for families with children and so introduce our region to foreign visitors .




This project is funded by the Operational Programme "The CBC Slovak Republic - Austria 2007 - 2013"